“Wendy’s sincerity, marked by honesty, manifests itself in her approach to teaching the Dharma. A natural teacher and a scientist, she simply shares what she has experienced in her exploration of the Buddha’s words and asks you to explore it for yourself.” — Mary Ellen Landolina

“Wendy is a great teacher; authentic, warm, insightful, generous and fun.  She provides practical techniques, meditations, clarity, and inspires being at ease and aware in the world.” — Paul Medin

“Practicing meditation with Wendy as a beginner has helped me shift my daily awareness into a more thoughtful state and allowed me to deepen my understanding of the concept of mindfulness.”– Hannah Clements

“Wendy has been very encouraging and patient helping a neophyte like me become comfortable with meditation. The process has helped keep me centered during trying times.”– Mary Davis

“Wendy’s teachings are equal parts practical and educational. Her no-pressure approach to mindfulness and meditation eased my skepticism and helped this beginner become a calmer, more mindful person.”– Cori Clements

“Following Wendy’s guidance with meditation has worked so well.  Knowing how to handle “hindrances” smooths the way.” — Marcia Slater

“Wendy’s teachings have helped me become a much kinder person to myself and others.  I am so thankful for her guidance!”– Edith Blackwood