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Recollective Awareness with Wendy Eisner

February 19-21, 2021

Have you ever reached a point in your meditation practice when you think: “I’m a failure: my mind was all over the place.” Or you’ve been practicing well for some time and then begin to feel that nothing is happening in your meditation and you  have to drag yourself to the cushion? If any of this sounds familiar, join us for a weekend of meditation designed to be kind, accepting, and possibly even fun! Even if you haven’t meditated enough to be frustrated, this retreat is suitable for you if you just feel like taking some time off for gentle meditation, or if you’re just curious. Beginners are welcome!

 “Recollective Awareness” was developed by Jason Siff, author of Unlearning Meditation and Thoughts are Not the Enemy. I am currently in teacher training with Jason and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.

You will be encouraged, if you wish, to journal about your sittings, ask questions, and discuss your practice with me individually. If you are able to have a silent retreat in your personal space you may do so, or you can go about your day interacting with others as necessary. There will be a retreat schedule which will be much like what you are used to with specific times for group sittings, Q & A, instruction and interviews.

The retreat will officially begin at 7 pm Friday and end at noon on Sunday.

The registration fee is $25 and the number of participants  is limited to 15 people. Register with Tri-State using this link:

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