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Today I haven’t got any articles or poems to read nor charming videos to watch. I have been thinking about meditation and how we practice it. As you probably know by now, I am a proponent of a much more open, gentle, and instruction-free type of meditation practice. That includes continuing to use any meditation technique you feel comfortable with, and I am always willing to help guide you.

This meditation group started almost 3 years ago (in July!) and I would really like to get an idea as to where you are with your practice. What do you want from your meditation? You may think that if you don’t have some impressive-sounding insight to report, nothing is happening. Others may think that if they don’t achieve a peaceful calm state, they aren’t meditating properly. Needless to say, neither of those ideas are true!

I would like to talk to you individually so we can look at your practice and see how you might want to explore from there. (This is mainly directed at my Sunday morning group although others who have been in my classes are welcome to contact me) Please get in touch with me during the next few weeks and we can make a phone or Zoom appointment.

By the way, here’s a very brief set of instructions from Jason, for the meditation and the journaling. Just see what you think. You definitely don’t have to do this and we can talk about your practice any way you wish.  If it appeals, however, give it a try:

Looking on the bright side

I think of myself as a bit of a curmudgeon, and not given to Pollyanna-ish thinking. But, if I hadn’t watched John Krasinski’s charming “Some Good News” episode 2, which is unabashedly sunny, I would have missed an amazing final 6 minutes.

Which brings me once again to attitude.

I believe that there is an innate human trait that enables us to rise above the traumas that life presents. Maybe it is just recognizing that it is possible to change our perspective. In my case, I can enjoy being curmudgeony, but maybe right now is the time to put that a little on hold and dance to the music even if we have to push ourselves a little.

Jason Siff: Introducing Recollective Awareness

How do we have a meditation practice that includes the full range of our experience?

I have to say: Jason’s been teaching this for 30 years and he’s got it down. I highly recommend you take some time to give a listen:

ATS Facebook Video March 21 2020 from Jason Siff on Vimeo.

If you have more questions after watching the video, and would like to talk to me (or Jason!) just let me know. Jason has started online talks during the week which I am going to try to join.

Suck it up….

What have I got for you?

Coronavirus Coping Meditation:

This is really useful if you are needing guidance on calming down and relaxing with your mediation:

And this says it all, Thanks Randy….


Recollective Awareness Workshop Schedule

One Day Online Retreat, March 14, 2020

Recollective Awareness Workshop with Wendy Eisner


10:00-10:05 am     Welcome and Instructions

10:05-10:35          Sitting Meditation (30 min)

10:35-10:45          Journal writing (10 min)

10:45-11:00          Break (15 min)

11:00-11:30          Q & A, Reporting (30 min)

11:30-12:00 pm     Sitting (30 min)

12:00-1:00            Lunch and journal writing (1 hour)

1:00-1:45              Sitting and Journal writing (45 min)

1:45-2:00              Break (15 min)

2:00-3:00              Dharma Talk and Reporting (60 min)[1]


Mindfulness moment: Wash the Hands!

How are you feeling today? Nervous about the Corona virus or in denial or somewhere in between? Afraid of getting sick? Worried about loved ones? About the stock market? That’s all pretty normal.

Washing your hands for 20 seconds mindfully is actually a great meditation practice. Not touching your face is also an exercise in mindfulness!

Please take care of yourself. When you do, you may  find that while you’re doing it for yourself, you are also taking care of others, which is a wonderful reminder that all humans (and all life, really) are connected and responsible for each other.

Remember that if you follow the guidelines in the charming video below (from the Vietnamese government) you will feel more in control and at ease.  An upbeat song for the times:

Day Lui Virus….Corona (Fight back against Corona):

there’s also an adorable dance:

And here’s a lovely article from Scientific American about our “civic duty” to protect each other: