Imagining Freedom: Explorations of a Meditative Life

An Online Course with Wendy Eisner

April 15-May 20, 2019

Live sessions: Monday evenings from 7pm-8:30 pm (if you are absent, it’s no problem: all sessions will be recorded!)

Course Registration: $60 for 6 weeks

Perhaps, like me, you sometimes feel that the instructions, rites and rituals espoused by some Buddhist traditions and teachers are distractions from a genuine, personal experience of what happens when you meditate. You may feel that you would like to see some new light shed on the classical teachings of the Buddha. Or you might just feel you have reached something of an impasse in your practice and want to explore that further. If so, or if you’re just curious as to what I have in mind, I invite you to join me in a 6-week journey. You really, truly don’t need any previous background in meditation. The only requirement is curiosity.

We will be in good company as we delve into these topics. I will incorporate writings and ideas from people like Stephen and Martine Bachelor, Jason Siff, and Rodney Smith. I will also include (simple/short) readings from Evan Thompson (“Waking, Dreaming, Being”), Carlo Rovelli (“Reality Is Not What It Seems,”), Michael Pollan (“How to Change Your Mind”) and others.

An overview of the topics to be covered
Week I. Turning the Hindrances Upside Down
Perhaps we can rethink our meditation to make it more refreshing and diminish our sense of discouragement when we don’t stay focused. We can work with our impasses in meditation by rethinking the idea of distractions: anger, greed, delusion, etc.
Week II. Memory, Thinking and Awareness
Thoughts don’t need to be the problem if we use an alternate approach. The classic Dharma teaching which will form the basis for this class is Mindfulness of Thoughts.
Week III. Impermanence, Time and Science
An investigation of some of our more persistent delusions. Dharma teaching: Impermanence.
Week IV. States of Mind
When are we really awake? Dharma teaching: Dependent Origination.
Week V. Creativity, curiosity and the self
What happens when we loosen our grip, just a little, on our sense of self? All sorts of wonderful things become possible! Dharma teaching: Non-not-no Self.
Week VI. Love, Desire, and Transcendence
Sometimes we’re not suffering, but do we notice? Dharma Teaching: Equanimity.

Take the course at your own pace and on your own schedule. The only scheduled event will be the weekly video dharma talk. This will be recorded live, so even if you miss it, you can access it from the website and watch it any time.

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The course includes:

  1. Access to the course materials (password protected). You can download the syllabus, worksheets, dharma talks, meditations, and readings 24/7.
  2. Live Weekly Dharma talk: with Q&A (1.5 hours) will be recorded and accessible any time for all enrolled students.
  3. 1 one-on-one, online or phone conversations with Wendy will be encouraged, but not required.
  4. Weekly worksheets with study guide and links to readings and meditations.
  5. Invitation to join my ongoing online sitting group.
  6. Guided online meditations and meditation instructions (video and text).
  7. Weekly contemplation (text).

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