Jason Siff: Introducing Recollective Awareness

How do we have a meditation practice that includes the full range of our experience?

I have to say: Jason’s been teaching this for 30 years and he’s got it down. I highly recommend you take some time to give a listen:

ATS Facebook Video March 21 2020 from Jason Siff on Vimeo.

If you have more questions after watching the video, and would like to talk to me (or Jason!) just let me know. Jason has started online talks during the week which I am going to try to join.

Suck it up….

What have I got for you?

Coronavirus Coping Meditation:

This is really useful if you are needing guidance on calming down and relaxing with your mediation:

And this says it all, Thanks Randy….


Recollective Awareness Workshop Schedule

One Day Online Retreat, March 14, 2020

Recollective Awareness Workshop with Wendy Eisner


10:00-10:05 am     Welcome and Instructions

10:05-10:35          Sitting Meditation (30 min)

10:35-10:45          Journal writing (10 min)

10:45-11:00          Break (15 min)

11:00-11:30          Q & A, Reporting (30 min)

11:30-12:00 pm     Sitting (30 min)

12:00-1:00            Lunch and journal writing (1 hour)

1:00-1:45              Sitting and Journal writing (45 min)

1:45-2:00              Break (15 min)

2:00-3:00              Dharma Talk and Reporting (60 min)[1]


Mindfulness moment: Wash the Hands!

How are you feeling today? Nervous about the Corona virus or in denial or somewhere in between? Afraid of getting sick? Worried about loved ones? About the stock market? That’s all pretty normal.

Washing your hands for 20 seconds mindfully is actually a great meditation practice. Not touching your face is also an exercise in mindfulness!

Please take care of yourself. When you do, you may  find that while you’re doing it for yourself, you are also taking care of others, which is a wonderful reminder that all humans (and all life, really) are connected and responsible for each other.

Remember that if you follow the guidelines in the charming video below (from the Vietnamese government) you will feel more in control and at ease.  An upbeat song for the times:

Day Lui Virus….Corona (Fight back against Corona):

there’s also an adorable dance:

And here’s a lovely article from Scientific American about our “civic duty” to protect each other:


Slangry (angry because you’re sleepy!)

So, how can we take care of ourselves? The never-ending list on how to be happy:


Here’s an even more imposing list:


Why does this all seem so hard?

Here is a more holistic approach to the art of happiness, which I highly recommend, and is very close (I think) to what Heidi was talking about in our discussion today:

Anne Gilchrist on Inner Wholeness, Our Greatest Obstacle to Happiness, and the Body as the Seedbed of a Flourishing Soul


Mental Strengthening Tools

We talked about a lot of things today, but mainly the idea of balancing in our meditation and our lives. Balancing our creativity, our personal relations, our thoughts, our anxieties and worries. I thought this was a great article, which, although not Buddhist, offers a lot of Buddhist-like tools to dealing with our anxieties, stress, and suffering:



Don’t worry, be happy, and other impossibilities

Okay, the U.S. Senate is poised to acquit Trump, the Corona virus is causing mass hysteria, and Brexit has arrived. Are you worried? I am; I admit it. But not all the time, and I’m trying not to indulge my inclination to fret. And yet…we are all worriers, to a greater or lesser degree, and worrying probably comes up for you in various ways: especially when you aren’t distracting  yourself with something else.

So what do we do about worry? Well, we can analyze what to worry about and sort of decide what’s worth worrying about or not:

How Not To Worry: Timeless 1934 Advice on Controlling Anxiety and Mastering Life

We can start to understand that we aren’t good at figuring out what is truly worth worrying about:


And of course, we can choose not to worry about what people think of us, because they’re not thinking about us anyway; they’re worrying about themselves…this is a clever video:

Finally, we can change what we choose to worry about. This can be fixed by changing our stories.

How To Stay Sane: The Art of Revising Your Inner Storytelling

And finally (I promise!) this story naturally came up during out discussion today. Sometimes, things just hit certain people harder than others. This is an interesting web site, with some useful self-tests!

The Highly Sensitive Person