About Me

As someone interested in developing your meditation skills, what is it that makes me a person you might want to work with? Well, first of all, here are my credentials:

  • I have been practicing insight (Vipassana) meditation since 2002.
  • I have begun practicing and teaching “Recollective Awareness” as a meditation technique developed by Jason Siff (see http://recollectiveawareness.org/).
  • I am an active member and corresponding secretary of Tri-State Dharma. Click on the link for more information about this wonderful sangha.
  • I have accumulated a total of approximately 230 days sitting on silent retreats.
  • I am co-founder and co-teacher (with Mary Ellen Landolina) of Tri-State’s Northern Kentucky meditation group.
  • I completed the Community Dharma Leaders program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a two year training program for teachers in the Buddhist Theravada tradition.
  • I also have a Ph.D. in environmental science, taught and did Arctic research for over 30 years, and am a professor emeritus at the University of Cincinnati.

What do people that I have worked with think? I am proud to share some testimonials: