Online Sunday afternoon sitting group

Sorry, but there’s no alternative: you have to practice on the cushion, every day!  Even if it’s just 10 minutes or 15 minutes, you need some formal sitting practice every day in order to reap the benefits of meditation. Here’s my solution on how to get us all to spend some time each day practicing formal meditation.

I would like to make this offer in an effort to support our practice:  If you contact me via this new website, I will invite you to meet with me through Zoom* for a 60 minute meditation sitting .  We meet weekly on Sundays from 1-2 pm.

We will meditate together during this period and we can discuss your meditation and your practice. The group sits formally for 15 minutes, then we have a discussion, and then do a guided meditation for 20 minutes. We keep it very relaxed and you can connect via phone, tablet or laptop. You can elect to use video or turn it off. We will try to be accommodating to your needs.

*Zoom is a video conferencing tool, much like Skype, only easier and cleaner in many ways. You should contact me in advance so I can send you an invitation via email to join the Zoom session.

This offer is available to EVERYONE: those who are completely new to meditation, those more experienced meditators who occasionally like a meditation companion, and everyone in between!

Please fill out the following form if you want me to contact you with more information.