Mary Ellen and Mr. Kitty

My teacher and dear friend, Mary Ellen Landolina,  died peacefully early this morning. I want to take a moment to acknowledge how much she taught me and how blessed I feel to have known her.

She welcomed me (and so many others) to Tri-State Dharma with enthusiasm and sincerity. She introduced me to the Dharma in a non-threatening way. I thank Mary Ellen for her encouragement and for guiding me towards learning painting and teaching meditation. I know she effected different people in different ways: the true sign of a great teacher.

Mary Ellen emphasized a style of Buddhism that was both reasonable and loving, without judgement or a reliance on ritual. Her joy and curiosity infused her life and was her greatest gift.




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  1. Yes, Mary Ellen was gifted at reaching, teaching so many of us! Love to all experiencing her absence today.

  2. She was my art teacher in HS and also ran the Purple Masque Players (the drama club). It’s because of her (and Ms. Young) that I ended up getting a theater degree and pursuing acting as a career (even though she was pissed at me for not taking art in my senior year). A truly lovely woman.

  3. Wendy,
    A lovely tribute….. Thank you for keeping us posted.
    I only met Mary Ellen in the last few years and always enjoyed listening to her and sharing her knowledge with us on Wednesday evenings. She had so much to offer and I am glad I was able to be a part of it. I’m glad she had a peaceful transition.

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