How are you feeling today? Nervous about the Corona virus or in denial or somewhere in between? Afraid of getting sick? Worried about loved ones? About the stock market? That’s all pretty normal.

Washing your hands for 20 seconds mindfully is actually a great meditation practice. Not touching your face is also an exercise in mindfulness!

Please take care of yourself. When you do, you may  find that while you’re doing it for yourself, you are also taking care of others, which is a wonderful reminder that all humans (and all life, really) are connected and responsible for each other.

Remember that if you follow the guidelines in the charming video below (from the Vietnamese government) you will feel more in control and at ease.  An upbeat song for the times:

Day Lui Virus….Corona (Fight back against Corona):

there’s also an adorable dance:

And here’s a lovely article from Scientific American about our “civic duty” to protect each other:

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