Okay, the U.S. Senate is poised to acquit Trump, the Corona virus is causing mass hysteria, and Brexit has arrived. Are you worried? I am; I admit it. But not all the time, and I’m trying not to indulge my inclination to fret. And yet…we are all worriers, to a greater or lesser degree, and worrying probably comes up for you in various ways: especially when you aren’t distracting  yourself with something else.

So what do we do about worry? Well, we can analyze what to worry about and sort of decide what’s worth worrying about or not:

How Not To Worry: Timeless 1934 Advice on Controlling Anxiety and Mastering Life

We can start to understand that we aren’t good at figuring out what is truly worth worrying about:


And of course, we can choose not to worry about what people think of us, because they’re not thinking about us anyway; they’re worrying about themselves…this is a clever video:

Finally, we can change what we choose to worry about. This can be fixed by changing our stories.

How To Stay Sane: The Art of Revising Your Inner Storytelling

And finally (I promise!) this story naturally came up during out discussion today. Sometimes, things just hit certain people harder than others. This is an interesting web site, with some useful self-tests!

The Highly Sensitive Person

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