A picture of our cottage from today. We think there is about 2 feet of snow. That’s the posterior of our friend’s dog, Nixie, who came to check out if all is well, and it is!

We talked about a bunch of things pretty much all over the map! Our main philosophical topic of discussion centered around how to approach some basic life problems, especially: 1) recognizing that we need to stop taking things personally, 2) we can be more flexible and open to changing our minds and our beliefs, and 3) we can take more chances in life without knowing what the results will be. Here’s a great article I highly recommend:

I also told the group about my upcoming online class. It’s called: “Imagining Freedom: Explorations of a Meditative Life.” I will offer it from April 15-May 20. The live classes will be on Monday evenings from 7pm-8:30 pm and of course the sessions will be recorded.

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