Today’s talk was related to the topic on distracting thought from Dec. 28 (Distraction). My problem with this previous post and also the Tricycle article that I reference is that there is an every-so-slight negative judgement there. So, even though I said that “we shouldn’t be eager to condemn our inevitable slide into the distracted mind” just that tone indicates some sort of failure has occurred by allowing the distraction to happen. Do you see it?

So, I offer this article from the New Yorker: A New Theory of Distraction, which poses the idea that maybe distraction is just fine and dandy. Perhaps the relinquishment of control is what we should be encouraging! The group had all sorts of interesting takes on this idea…lot’s of fun, although maybe not the most strictly Theravada perspective.

Here’s the article for your enjoyment: note especially the quote from James Joyce “Ulysses”, which is yummy! We had a lot of fun with our own thoughts on reading classic literature!

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