We talked about the possibility of doing nothing; of resting in a place of quiet, with no “should” and “shouldn’t.” Sometimes we forget that the essence of meditation is to (eventually) get to a place where we are at ease.

Everyone shared some very tender and sensitive places where we don’t often go, and I and I believe everyone appreciated that. We talked about what a strong inclination we all have to being distracted by our cell phones and other devices, and how driven we are to feel we need to “get things done”, unless illness or pain force us into stopping. I suggested this article. 

Warning: this article is written (and titled) in such a way as to assure you if you do this you will still be “productive.” The authors are still deeply fixated on our powerful belief that only if you are “doing” something, is it viable.


I also found another article about the Buddhist technique of samadhi, or just being aware of your thoughts. Samadhi practice is basically doing nothing!


I also shared a book which discusses our fear or resistance to rest and lying in bed, doing nothing!

I just want to end with saying that our final meditation was not a meditation at all: it was resting. My instructions were to do nothing or whatever each person wanted. So, was it a meditation?

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