I would like to invite you to join me in an online Open Death Conversation on August 29, from 6:30-8:30 pm. This is a similar group conversation to the Death Café, which I’ve spoken to some of you about, but this event will be online and I will use a format that is recommended by the Zen Hospice in San Francisco:


I attended the Zen Hospice Open Death Conversation (ODC) last month, and it was a wonderful experience. The organizers gave me a set of guidelines for facilitating a ODC. Remember, I will be a facilitator, not a teacher. That’s why I’m not charging for this (although a donation to Zen Hospice or a local non-profit organization that focuses on end-of-life issues is recommended).

Here’s the overview from the guidelines:


At Zen Hospice Project, we dare to look at death directly and consider what we want for ourselves and how we might prepare for not getting what we want when our time comes.

Our online Open Death Conversation is a forum for discussing the many aspects of death and dying. We are not attached to any outcome. We do not direct the conversation. Everyone is invited; we only ask that participants show up with an open heart and open mind and allow themselves to go where they need to go. Through conversation, we bring death out into the open.

We have no agenda other than to generate meaningful, energetic conversation free from judgment. Drawing inspiration from the thousands of heartfelt conversations that Zen Hospice Project has had over the years of caring for dying persons and their families, we invite you to join us.


The event which was hosted by Zen Hospice last month was 3 hours long, and the time passed very quickly. However, I can’t really do more than a 2 hour conversation, so I think the best way to give us all time to talk is to limit the number of participants to 10 people. Please send me an email and that will be your registration. First come, first serve. You should also know that there is no religious affiliation attached to this, and no expectation of knowing meditation, Buddhist or otherwise.

This is filling up really quickly, so if you’re interested, please contact me!

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