We talked today about how much we judge ourselves and others: how our practice is going, for example, and how much we compare ourselves to others or even to how we meditated in the past. All of this takes us out of the present moment and leads to all sorts of guilt and angst. However, even if we can’t STOP ourselves from judging, how about if we stopped judging the judging?

Take a look at this article:


I also offered the group an exercise based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practice called STOP, which encourages you to take a one-minute breathing space.

  1. ‘Stop’: Take Stock of what is happening right now by checking in to the heart, mind, and body.
  2. ‘Take a Breath’: Turn your attention to the breath it wherever it is most noticeable in your body. It could be in the belly, or the chest, or the nose… Become aware of the breath as it comes in, and as it leaves the body. Allow your breath to stabilize and anchor you in the present moment. .
  3. ‘Observe and Open’:Pay attention to your present moment experience. Expand your field of awareness to include a sense of the body and the world around you: sights, sounds, smells, etc.
  4. ‘Proceed with new Possibilities’: Go on your normal activity with the newly acquired knowledge from your moment of mindfulness. Now you can re-adjust what might have gotten out of balance, both internally and externally. Generate an attitude of curiosity and openness.

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