I told the group about my experience yesterday with the Zen Hospice “End of Life Conversation.” I was very impressed with the experience. There were 9 people using the Zoom platform, including a wonderful facilitator.  The people weren’t all Buddhist practitioners, but had a very varied background and from a wide range of ages. I was impressed at what a thoughtful experience it was. The group (and our group today) talked a lot about how alienating grief and caregiving was for them, and how hard we are on ourselves in our expectations of how we deal with the issues surrounding death and illness.

I am going to get written instructions from Zen Hospice on how to facilitate this End of Life conversation. Several people in our group are already interested in participating. We just have to figure out when and if we can handle a 3 hour long workshop (with breaks!).

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the workshops that Zen Hospice hosts:


Also, I mentioned this article about the “Rainbow Bridge” from the New Yorker. I think it’s funny, but not everyone necessarily will:



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