There are only a few spots available in the Tri-State Dharma retreat that Helen Vantine and I will be teaching starting March 23.  We will give priority to those registering for the weeklong retreat until February 23.   On February 23, we will release any remaining spots to weekend retreatants who are on our waiting list.    Please register through our website now:

On another note, I have been asked to give talks to various groups (libraries, non-profits, and community organizations) in the past months, covering topics from current environmental issues to meditation techniques and everything in between. I have considerable experience as a public speaker. I would like to spread the word that I would be open to giving talks on topics within my area of expertise.  Here’s a list of some talks I have given or will be offering in the near future:

  1. Introduction to mindfulness meditation
  2. American Buddhism and Environmental Sustainability as a Continuing Act of Compassion
  3. The Practice of Lovingkindness and Compassion
  4. Practical Meditation: Innovative ways to deal with whatever the world is throwing at you!

Of course, I’m also always happy to give talks on climate change and my research and work with the Inupiat Eskimos. I am an emeritus professor and my research is all peer-reviewed and current.

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