To Be Happier: Try some of these ideas:

  1. Meditate but if you aren’t able to, don’t beat yourself up.
  2. Move (as in exercise).
  3. Keep a journal. Gratitude, dreams, diary. Write 15 minutes a day.
  4. Keep your cell phone in another room when you sleep.
  5. Assess your mood once a day in a clinical (non-reactive) way.
  6. Keep coming back to your body.
  7. Be generous from an open heart.
  8. Dance, sing, listen to music.
  9. Try to maintain a consistent eating and sleeping schedule.
  10. Experience the natural world as a time out.
  11. Do breathing/body exercises (square breathing/Pico-Pico): Link to breath exercise
  12. Do lovingkindness (metta) meditation.
  13. Read a book (preferably a novel).
  14. Remember that you are part of the human race, and we’re all in this together.

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