Due to the success of the Incentivize-R, I have decided to offer two sitting sessions each week for the foreseeable future: Sunday afternoons from 1-2 pm and Wednesday 7:30pm-8:30 pm.

Each sitting will consist of a short greeting, a meditation period of 15-20 minutes, a conversation on the sitting, and then another sitting for 20 minutes plus some lovingkindness. All very relaxed. We will have muted microphones during the meditations, and if you want you can turn off your video at any time.

The sessions have been very delightful so far, and everyone seems to enjoy it. You can contact me on my web site if you want to get an invitation link to Zoom to participate. Just because you join in one time doesn’t mean you’re expected to show up again. No guilt! I hope to see you sometime soon.

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