Welcome to Wendy Eisner’s site on meditation tools and techniques!  I have many ideas and suggestions that I hope will help you develop your meditation skills and encourage your ongoing practice.

On this site, I provide free videos, readings, links to other useful sites, and even the opportunity to meditate with me–online– from your home! It’s true: I would like to offer a session or sessions of meditation and guidance. Read on.

What is meditation?

Stephen Batchelor in “Buddhism Without Beliefs” has a metaphor for meditation that I like: think of the process of awakening like a footpath. We struggle through the undergrowth to reach it, and when we do, we know we are heading somewhere and are able to move more freely.  The footpath is maintained because others are walking on the path, just as we are helping to maintain it by walking on it. “What counts is not so much the destination but the resolve to take the next step.”

The aim of meditation is to encourage a greater understanding of what is going on in mind. We may focus on one aspect of our mental state: the breath, feelings, awareness, our thoughts, but through it all we try to cultivate interest and curiosity about what is arising in our minds.

There are many forms of meditation. I was taught both Vipassana (inquiry, noticing) and Samadhi (concentration, jhanas) meditation techniques. My preferred technique is Recollective Awareness, as developed by Jason Siff.  This  is a meditation technique that emphasizes gentleness and openness: allowing your mind to go wherever it wants during meditation, even if you end up “lost” in your thoughts or drifting.

Unlearning Meditation: What to Do When the Instructions  Get In the Way,  by Jason Siff

Meditation Guidance:


I highly recommend Recollective Awareness for those who want to try a different approach from the usual “sit down and watch your breath.” Good for people having difficulties or questions about their practice or wanting to try something a little different.

That being said, I am open to discussing any meditation you are currently practicing. Meditation is not “one size fits all” and you may find some methods work better for you than others.


About Me

As someone interested in developing your meditation skills, what is it that makes me a person you might want to work with? Well, first of all, here are my credentials:

  • I have been practicing insight (Vipassana) meditation since 2002.
  • I have begun practicing and teaching “Recollective Awareness” as a meditation technique developed by Jason Siff (see http://recollectiveawareness.org/).
  • I am an active member and corresponding secretary of Tri-State Dharma. Click on the link for more information about this wonderful sangha.
  • I have accumulated a total of approximately 230 days sitting on silent retreats.
  • I am co-founder and co-teacher (with Mary Ellen Landolina) of Tri-State’s Northern Kentucky meditation group.
  • I completed the Community Dharma Leaders program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a two year training program for teachers in the Buddhist Theravada tradition.
  • I also have a Ph.D. in environmental science, taught and did Arctic research for over 30 years, and am a professor emeritus at the University of Cincinnati.

What do people that I have worked with think? I am proud to share some testimonials:

Make meditating your new habit!

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and figure out how you can commit to having an ongoing formal practice. Therefore, I am introducing an online support opportunity: I offer you my services as not just a teacher, but as someone to meditate with. I call it THE INCENTIVIZE-R!

Online Sunday sitting group

You don’t need to create another unrealistic target for yourself. What you may find helpful is the understanding and support of a teacher and a group of people who, like you, want to take time for themselves to sit quietly. That is why I’ve set up an online group for meditating together as a group.

I make this offer in an effort to support our practice:  If you contact me via this website, I will invite you to meet with us through Zoom* for a 60 minute meditation sitting .  We meet weekly on Sundays from 1-2 pm (Eastern Time).

We will meditate together during this period and we can discuss your meditation and your practice. The group sits formally for 15 minutes, then we have a presentation and discussion, and then do a final  15 minute sitting. We keep it very relaxed and you can connect via phone, tablet or laptop. You can elect to use video or turn it off. We will try to be accommodating to your needs.

*Zoom is a video conferencing tool, much like Skype, only easier and cleaner in many ways. You should contact me in advance so I can send you an invitation via email to join the Zoom session.

This offer is available to EVERYONE: those who are completely new to meditation, those more experienced meditators who occasionally like a meditation companion, and everyone in between! You can attend the online sittings when you are able to. It’s perfectly okay to miss sittings. If you need to talk to me privately about meditation in general or your practice, I’d be happy to do that.

Please fill out the following form if you want me to contact you with more information.